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Pocket Spring Bed Company

The Pocket Spring Bed Company collection is renowned for its expert use of natural fillings to create supremely indulgent and comfortable beds, with hand tufted, hand filled and hand stitched mattresses. This has all the comfort of the traditional material with extra durability, ensuring the mattresses don’t need turning or rotating, for the ultimate convenience. The range features some of nature’s finest fillings; cotton, silk, cashmere and the innovative new Pocket Spring Bed Company EcoComfort lambswool.

Pocket Spring Bed Company EcoComfort lambswool is an eco-friendly material that is breathable and scientifically proven to keep the sleeper cooler – essential for a deep, healthy sleep. The Pocket Spring Company offers unmatched quality in their design, craftsmanship, and overall quality. A handmade product by the Pocket Spring Bed Company is probably the optimum set available anywhere.

Combining traditional skills, techniques and values with the latest technologies and materials, the Pocket Spring Bed Company has hand craft superior Pocket Spring beds that are exceptionally durable and comfortable.

You can be confident, that with a Pocket Spring Bed, you have invested in a bed of unparalleled luxury and quality.

The Pocket Spring Bed Company has four ranges: Naturals, Artisan, Mattress and Adjustable beds, fully guaranteed for five years.

Pocket Spring beds support every contour of your body for extra comfort. By housing individual springs in separate fabric pockets, Pocket Spring beds are perfect if there is a significant variation in weight or size between you and your partner. We offer a choice of luxurious pocket sprung beds, to suit all tastes.

If you'd like to know any more about Pocket Spring Bed Company please call our showroom on 0161 639 0994.

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