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Welcome to Octaspring, a new bed manufacturer that we were more than impressed with at the recent Interiors Show held at the NEC in Birmingham. Bed innovations are becoming more fast paced to keep up with consumer changing lifestyles.

For years mattresses have been made two ways: with metal springs or more recently memory foam. From a bed manufacturer point of view, springs provide a great base for ventilation within the mattress. On the other hand, memory foam acknowledges pressure points by way of providing body-moulding properties and even weight distribution. Indeed, pressure points are linked to sleep disturbances due to restrictions of blood flow to these areas. 

The reputation of memory foam, until this innovation, has been such: the lack of airflow within traditional memory foam mattresses can leave you feeling hit and humid.

To combat the disadvantage to memory foam beds, a designer - Willy Poppe - had a flash of inspiration and deciphered a unique concept: a memory foam spring. The memory foam has been designed to act as a spring in order to promote ventilation whilst maintaining it's reputable pressure-relieving properties - a metal free, memory foam bed providing comfort with optimal airflow and breath ability.

Flexible Octaspring
The Octaspring is 3 dimensional in both shape and functionality and works in exactly the opposite way to that of metal springs i.e. metal springs provide good support, however push up against the body causing pressure points through the counter pressure. The advantage is that it adjusts and moves with the body without the contra pressure.
Octasprings Working Together
Octasprings are made in various levels of firmness to match the different dynamics of the body. During development, extensive pressure mapping is used to determine spring firmness and placement; each individual spring works independently and collectively to rest the body. The honeycomb construction actively exchanges the air inside the mattress cool and comfortable. The springs are built into layers and these layers work in synchrony to provide the ultimate in comfort and support.
Innovative Ventilation
The unique ventilation system is constructed as such to provide a constant airflow. Indeed, natural movement in bed acts to force stale humid air out through the mesh sides of the mattress and fresh air back in to promote a fresh healthy sleep surface every night.
Octaspring memory
Each individual Octaspring dynamically conforms to the contours and movements of the body in all sleeping positions. They are designed to eliminate pressure points as well as keeping your body temperature cool in the night.
Whilst traditional springs deteriorate over time, Octasprings are able to maintain their resilience after ongoing compression. Indeed, the mattresses undergo stringent pressure testing to ensure the mattress will continue to perform for many years. After 60,000 repetitions, simulating 20 years of use, the Octasrping still performs like new.

 Eco Footprint

Octaspring’s innovative design and technologies are consistent with the 21st century’s responsible approach towards the environment and its natural resources.Eco Footprint

They set an eco objective for the production process to achieve at least a 25% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The implementation of the “Octa Ecoprint” strategy over achieved the objective and reached a 30-40% reduction in CO2 emissions. Octaspring’s manufacturing process and materials has been measured to be 100% more environment friendly than the conventional spring mattress and at least 25% more than the closest foam mattress competitor. All materials used in Octaspring products are recyclable.

Octaspring continue to look for and test new methods and materials consistent with their continuing commitment to cause less impact on the environment.

Eco Indicator 99

The Eco Indicator 99 is used by design engineers to measure the relative ecological impact of a product or material based on a “life-cycle analysis”.

Based on this indicator, Octaspring mattresses have a very favourable ecological footprint. Especially compared with steel wire based mattresses, Octaspring reduces the ecological footprint by half.

Studies show the following results:
Metal wire pocket springs mattress: 4.323,- mPts
Solid PU slabstock foam core: 2.910,- mPts
Octaspring mattress core: 2.150,- mPts

(Eco 99 indicator is expressed in mPts/pc)

An innovative design by Octaspring. Willy Poppe -
"I knew there had to be a better spring and we finally developed a unique 3 dimensional spring which can move independently and in unison supporting the body like no other product. The 8 sided honeycomb design was the key to give the comfort, support and ventilation I had been after all those years.”



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