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Mammoth Divan Beds

Mammoth presents a range of padded and upholstered, high quality divans beds and mattresses. Divans beds are manufactured using wood sourced from sustainable forests and luxurious fabrics. Mammoth is a revolutionary range of mattresses; constructed using medically approved high specification foam. Boasting V - cut castellations and cooling air flow channels, proven to relieve pressure and disperse heat and moisture more efficiently than other mattress products, a Mammoth will ensure you do not get too hot and will help keep you truly comfortable. Perfect for people with aches and pains, general health enthusiasts, or anyone who needs a wonderful night's sleep.

Luxury Divan Bed Base:

  • - Manufactured using kiln dried timber, reducing moisture content and ensuring stability of the frame
  • - Finished in choice of luxurious fabrics.
  • - Manufactured using wood sourced from sustainable forests
  • - All divans lined and padded
  • - Chrome glides on divans
Mammoth mattresses are scientifically proven to enhance your sleep. A recent study by Dr Jason Ellis, a world leading sleep expert, proved that Mammoth mattresses enable you to fall asleep quicker, sleep longer, and enjoy your sleep more. What more could you want from a bed!

Mammoth Technologies enlisted the help of Dr Jason Ellis, renowned sleep guru and resident expert on the recent BBC series Goodnight Britain, to test the mattress. The tests were conducted at the Sleep Research Centre at Northumbria University, and the results showed categorically that the Mammoth mattress provided a more effective and enjoyable sleep. Incredibly, it also moved sleepers up a clinical level – turning poor sleepers into good ones. This makes Mammoth mattresses, and its latest innovations, the only mattress of its kind shown to enhance sleep, even after years of poor sleep at a clinical level.

As Standard on a Mammoth Mattress

Medical Grade Foam

Medical Grade Foam

Medical Grade Foam is the material that medical experts recommend for perfect pressure
relief, which have now been made available to you! With more efficient pressure relief, and
heat and moisture distribution for a cooler sleep than memory foam, Medical Grade Foam 
is the next generation of mattress, recommended by Chiropractors.

Cooling Airflow Channels

Cooling Airflow Channels

Mammoth mattresses feature V-Cut Castellated air channels. Forming a key hole shape, 
they form permanent air channels, even when you lie on them. This ensures efficient airflow,
helping to keep you at a consistent temperature, ensuring deep, restorative sleep.

4 Way strerch fabric

Tencel Fabric

Tencel is the perfect, natural partner for Mammoth Performance Mattresses. From a natural
source, and bio-degradable, it shares all the ethics of the Mammoth concept. It helps keep
you at an even temperature by absorbing and distributing moisture more efficiently than 
cotton. It is also beautifully soft for a wonderful night’s sleep.

3 Posture Zones

3 Posture Zones

The Mammoth Performance Mattress has 3 distinct sections. Section 1 and 3 
(head and foot end) are slightly softer and have greater pliability. This allows the head, neck, shoulders and legs to have more circulation which helps recover stiffness within muscles. Section 2 (torso) is slightly firmer to give greater support for the heaviest section of your body. This results in improved spinal alignment throughout the night.

Medical grade foam technology :

High-Specification Medical Grade FoamTM is the latest generation of pressure relieving materials. The UK’s National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence (Clinical Guideline 29) recommends the use of this material. Not only does it work, it feels fantastic too!

  • - Is it Memory Foam?

In a word, no. High-Specification Medical Grade FoamTM supersedes visco-elastic foams (or memory foam as it is widely known). Under strict controlled medical conditions, the Mammoth mattress design was proven by the Institute of Orthopaedics & Musculoskeletal Science, Middlesex, UK, to be more efficient at pressure relief and temperature control. Also, it lasted longer – a real testament of quality.

  • - Does it get hot?

Again, no. Whilst memory foam requires heat to work, High Specification Foam does not. With the V-Max® Cell Technology providing permanent airflow through the mattress, Mammoth users do not experience the same over heating that has been reported on memory foam products. Google ‘memory foam, heat problems’ for more information.

  • - Will I get locked into position?

And again, no. Whilst memory foam products lock you in position, and therefore you turn less at night, recent studies have shown this is not necessarily a good thing. Pressure relief and spinal disc health is seen to be better when an individual is able to move more freely at night. These positive movements are known as ‘Postural Shifts’. High-Specification Medical Grade FoamTM helps this enormously and avoids the feeling of being locked in position. ‘Postural Shifts’ decrease as you age, explaining one reason, why past the age of 35, more people are prone to morning back ache. Ideally you should have 40-60 postural shifts a night for better back health. Past the age of 65, this can decrease down to just 16, with poor bedding being one of the main factors to blame.

Qualities of High-Specification Foam: Doesn't take time to warm up so will instantly reach its optimal performance, moulds to your body, gives great pressure relief and spinal support and responsive up to 40st.

Medical Grade, High-Specification Foam recommended by NHS

Official Mammoth partners
Medical Grade Foam Chiropractic Patients Association

Chiropractic Patients Association.

The Chiropractic Patients Association are the Official Product Development and Research partners for Mammoth. This means the mattresses are designed and ecommended by leading experts in back pain. For great tips on how Chiropractors help backs, go to 

Why is Mammoth so Good For Backs?

Mammoth uses High-Specification Medical Grade FoamTM, which keeps your spine perfectly aligned, reducing back, neck, shoulder and hip aches and pains.

Used in US, UK & European Healthcare 

Mammoth’s unique polymer cell technology was first used in spinal injury, orthopaedic and intensive care units to help increase circulation and recovery, and reduce inflammation whilst keeping the back aligned.

Physical and psychological benefits:

Sleeping on a Mammoth Mattress can convey all the benefit of high sleep effectiveness which included stimulating your body clock and biological pace. This certainly impacts on memory, concentration and attention.
It is originally developed and used by elite and Olympic athletes to recover faster from back and sport injuries. Wake up from a great night’s sleep on a Mammoth mattress with your brain and body fully revitalized and geared up to take on the challenges of the day ahead. Mammoth’s Performance mattress is so comfortable and lavish that it is the only one that can scientifically verify that you will sleep better. And with an extra peaceful sleep comes significant physical and emotional benefits.

Health PractitionersHealth Practitioners:

It is not surprising that so many health professionals recommend Mammoth mattresses and pillows as a significant help to spinal and other musculoskeletal conditions.

The Mammoth Commitment:

Mammoth is committed to create products that provide the optimum in comfort and support. They will continually strive to create solutions that help customers recover and recuperate from their daily toils; whether that’s an elite athlete or someone facing the normal stresses of a busy life. The technology within their products originated in the medical sector to support individuals with specific needs but it quickly became apparent that the benefits of a deep, restorative sleep applies to everyone. Their aim is to continue to develop products that are equally beneficial. They will remain committed to public and seek to deliver excellence in service and product quality.

In order to train and perform at their best, elite athletes know a thing or two about the importance of sleep. Less than 0.05% in performance was the difference between 1st and 2nd in the London Olympics’ marathon. No matter whether you’re an elite athlete, a busy professional, or retired keen gardener, “the most significant facet of the body’s recovery is sleep”. The Strength and Conditioning Journal. 

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