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Kaymed at the Forefront & History

Kaymed is at the forefront of sleep technology. Kaymed not only designs specialty sleep products, but also manufactures the innovative materials which guarantee a perfect night's sleep.

Kaymed has over a century's experience of making award winning bedding. Founded in Dublin in 1898 by Zorach Woolfson, the company was making innerspring mattresses by the 1950s. In 1995, Kaymed was the first company in the world to produce fire retardent visco material, and currently boasts the most comprehensive line of specialty sleep products, incorporating innovative materials such as visco-elastic materials, latex, gel, and adjustable air into the sleep surfaces.

Kaymed Visco AirLayer is the winner of the FIRA Innovation Award 2005. Kaymed's visco elastic memory foams have been conform to the safety, health and envoronmental standards of CertiPurTM, set up by the European Association of Foamers, Europur.

Kayfoam offers unparalleled experience in the design and manufacture of state of the art materials for use in bedding which guarantee a perfect night's sleep. Kayfoam's products have been awarded numerous international accolades for safety and innovation.

Visco-Elastic Range (memory foams) - Kaymed's Visco Elastic is a temperature sensitive foam, designed to create a floating sensation. Visco-Elastic foam softens when it comes into contact with warm surfaces, sculpting itself to the occupant's body and also helps dissipate moisture and perspiration away from the body and has antibacterial properties.

Kayfoam was the first producer of UK/IRL flame-safety compliant visco-elastic foams in the industry. Our visco grades are used by leading manufacturers of mattresses, healthcare bedding and seating in the UK, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. Kayfoam's Visco-Elastic products have received prestigious industry awards including the FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Asscoiation) innovation award 2005, and approval from leading sleep surface experts.

CMP and CMHR foams

Kayfoam offers a wide range of foam grades with hardness and performance characteristics adaptable for a number of functions from seating and luxury cushioning to, orthopaedic use. Kayfoam can and also develop bespoke grades of foam for customers: eg. a non-allergenic synthetic "latex" like foam - 70 Kg/M3, luxury grade for was recently created for a European manufacturer specializing in designer adjustable bed systems. Kayfoam's high level of automation and processing capacity allows them to be competitive in the supply of components for mass production.

Reconstituted Foam (chip foam) - Kayfoam plays its part in recycling and waste reduction by using up waste trim from customers and we use up our own in producing recycled recon foam blocks for high load bearing applications.

Industrial Foams - Kayfoam produces a range of HLB and SR foams for industrial/packaging applications.

Thermal Bonded Polyester (Dacron) - Kayfoam manufactures a full range of thermal bonded polyesters at our high capacity facility in Dublin. Quality hollow and solid fibres are used, and guillotine cut-off produces straight edges.

Kaymed Fabrics Options all Headboards and Bases:

Biscuit - Oat - Caramel - Charcoal - Dusk Chenile (top to bottom)
Kaymed Fabric Book 2014 - Biscuit - Oat - Caramel - Charcoal - Dusk Chenile Kaymed Fabric Book 2014 - Biscuit - Oat - Caramel - Charcoal - Dusk Chenile Kaymed Fabric Book 2014 - Biscuit - Oat - Caramel - Charcoal - Dusk Chenile
Please Note: Not all fabrics are available on all models

Kayfoam OEM, Medical and Consumer

Medical - Kayfoam has been producing mattresses, wheelchair cushions and other healthcare support surfaces for over 40 years. Our products have been independently evaluated and certified as meeting and exceeding a range of performance standards and characteristics; including pressure reduction, durability, microclimate and flame safety.

Consumer Healthcare - Kayfoam produces a wide range healthcare bedding products to customer specifications. The range includes pillows, overlays and roll-up mattresses. These products offer the healthcare benefits of the medical range but are covered in attractive stretch knitted fabrics. Customers include catalogue retail sales outlets, bedding accessories distributors and internet retailers of healthcare mobility products.

Kaymed not only designs specialty sleep products, but also manufactures the innovative materials which guarantee a perfect night's sleep. Kaymed has won numerous awards and accoladtes for its state of the art products and designs.


Kaymed Guarantee

The unique construction of Kaymed beds has earned a first class reputation for the product worldwide as well as allowing the company to offer a unique service warranty to purchasers of this quality product. Kaymed will repair or replace a bed (mattress or base) bearing their name if it should prove defective within the terms of the warranty subject to the conditions below:

In the unlikely event that you feel your bed has a manufacturing fault please contact the retailer from whom it was purchased, producing the warranty card together with proof of purchase (purchase receipt). An inspection of the product will be arranged at your convenience to determine if there is a genuine fault and to advance appropriate action.

Should a recognised manufacturing or materials fault occur within two years from the date of purchase, Kaymed will, at its discretion repair or replace the product free of charge. If service is required during subsequent years, up to a maximum of 8 years, any repair or replacement will be made, at Kaymed's discretion, at a charge of 1/8th of the current price multiplied by the number of years the product has been owned (sliding scale). In all such cases a contribution towards transportation cost will also be applied. Kaymed does not accept responsibility for consequential damage.

This warranty does not apply where the defects are due to:
- abuse, misuse, or general wear and tear
- any causes other than faulty manufacture or materials
- where the product is soiled or in an unsanitary condition
- where the Customer Care hints described above have not been applied
- where the mattress has been used with an old or unsuitable base or foundation
- where the product has been purchased as an "ex-floor model" or "clearance model"
- body impression is considered normal on new luxury mattresses and does not constitute a manufacturing fault (see above)
perceived level of comfort is largely subjective and is not covered by the manufacturers warranty

When repairing or replacing items under warranty, Kaymed reserves the right to substitute materials, tickings or models of similar quality if those originally used are no longer available. Kaymed also reserve the right to alter and upgrade specifications over the years in line with industry developments.


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