Dreamworks Beds

Dreamworks Beds

Dreamworks Beds manufactures only the highest quality beds, mattresses, sofa beds and upholstery, all precisely designed and meticulously built in Wiltshire factory. It offers outstanding value for money products, which are crafted to please. By combining modern production techniques with passionate and experienced craftsmanship, Dreamworks 100 strong workforces are proud to deliver a level of service, quality and value that is unsurpassed.

Dreamworks Mattresses

Dreamworks Beds are renowned for their wide range of high quality and comfortable handmade mattresses to suit all type of bedsteads and divans. New Natural collections are made using natural fillings, including pashmina wool, angora cashmere, and cotton, silk and pure latex.

Bedsteads & Divans

To add to Dreamworks range, this year they launched Banbury collection of wooden bedsteads, along with the elegantly upholstered felicity bedstead with hand produced deep buttoning. Selections of divans are available in a choice of fabrics and storage options.

sofa Beds

This collection features stylish sofa beds. All are handmade to order and are available in a wide choice of fabrics, from bright and cheerful to sophisticated and subtle. 

Dreamworks Beds