Breasley is the leading suppliers of vacuum packed foam, memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses and pillows. Breasley mattresses are famous for their state of the art temperature responsive, slow recovery memory foam that contours to your shape and weight ensuring the best possible sleep.

Breasley have been selling mattresses and beds since the 1970s and they still manufacture their goods in the UK to this day.

All Breasley mattresses carry a 10 year Guarantee. Therefore, if your mattress shows a defect within the first 10 years of ownership it will be repaired or exchanged completely free of charge. Your Guarantee certificate will be enclosed with your mattress, please do not confuse this full guarantee with limited warranties offered by other brands, they only offer full protection in the first year.

Constant innovation is at the heart of Breasley's philosophy in mattress design. They are renowned within the bedding industry for developing new products which will improve and enhance the sleeping experience, whilst maintaining a high level of quality and service.

Breasley have a wide range of mattresses to suit all pockets and levels of comfort. Along with our established and renowned brands such as UNO & YOU, there is the Valuepack range offering great value without compromising on quality and the luxurious collection featuring our high density memory foam. With something for everyone, Breasley’s hand-picked selection of premium quality Breasley mattresses offers fantastic value for money without sacrificing on comfort and support. 

So, if you are looking to purchase a new mattress, take time to consider your needs and find the one that’s right for you...then say goodnight to poor quality sleep!

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