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Welcome to Pillows on Bedsite. It is a lovely collection of pillows from UK's leading manufacturers providing comfort and freshness.
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Octaspring pillow matches your sleeping style contributing a great deal to quality rest using a firm pillow-spring to support under the neck, and soft, breathable memory foam pillow-springs for the head to give you optimal support and comfort. An Octaspring pillow respects the natural physiognomy of your vertebral column to provide good sleeping posture; this is important to ensure you feel energised and well-rested the following day.

Octaspring has developed a breakthrough in sleep-science designed to provide unparalleled comfort and support for your head and neck with excellent alignment for your spine. A simple idea that makes sense.

Octaspring Evolution Memory

The Memory Evolution Pillow has a full 24 memory foam Octapillow springs wrapped in the same thick memory foam sleeve as the Evolution Plus for those who want pure Octaspring memory foam support. The Memory Evolution gives soft, cool ventilated support.

Octaspring Evolution Plus

At the heart of our top of the range, this Octaspring pillow consists of 12 memory foam Octapillow springs to cradle the head in blissful comfort. Then around on the border edges are another 12 firmer Octapillow springs, to tuck under the neck, keeping your spine in alignment no matter what position you sleep. We then wrap them all up in a thick luxurious memory foam sleeve.

Octaspring Evolution

A unique pillow which at its centre is soft memory foam Octapillow springs to cradle the head, and then surrounded by firmer springs to give the neck support, aligning the spine. Each spring works individually to support your head and neck gently.

Mammoth uses the latest technology in moulded foam pillows. With greater height than most pillows, this pillow provides superior support for your neck whether you  sleep on your side or on your back. Most importantly, uniquely and luxuriously soft.

Mammoth Performance Pillow

The Performance Pillow from Mammoth is a truly unique pillow, which solves all of your problems. This is a luxurious, pressure relieving pillow, with vertical air channels for optimal temperature regulation. With bigger height than most pillows, this pillow offers greater support for your neck whether you sleep on your side or on your back. This moulded foam pillow also features removable machine washable tencel cover. Most importantly this pillow is uniquely and luxuriously soft. The Mammoth Performance Pillow will perfectly complement your Mammoth mattress, a must have addition.

Mammoth V-MAX Pillow

Mammoth brings its V-Max® Medical Grade Foam™ technology into a pillow for the first time. With an integrated neck zone and boasting all the supportive and super cooling features of the Mammoth V-Max mattresses, this pillow is for those who like a standard size pillow but need that extra support and relief for the back and shoulders. Highly recommended for those prone to getting hot in bed.

The bedroom is a place to get a perfect comfort. Besides the bedroom can become a refuge, a place to eliminate the fatigue of daily activities. To get everything it needs to select a design and bed accessories. A well accessorised bed is the focal point of your bedroom that makes it comfortable, relaxed and attractive. A beautifully designed bedroom with appropriate decoration will provide you the warmth and comfort that is necessary to stay there particularly after long and tedious days. An unkept bedroom will be a source of irritation and can cause great discomfort.

Our accessories have been carefully selected to go with a bed or mattress and they include brilliant pillows from Dormeo Octaspring and Mammoth along with an innovative bed sheet and toppers from B Sensible and Breasley which has a breathable membrane which allows air to pass upwards and protects you mattress from fluid passing through to the mattress.

We will continue to add accessories to this section of the site which we consider to be a worthwhile. We don't ordinarily give pillows or fitted sheets away with products because we only stock quality products.