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The most comfortable bed you’ll ever own - Trusted since 1904

There's a Hypnos bed for everyone. With over 100 years of bed making experience Hypno know how to create beds for comfort, form and function.

Regal Collection

The Regal collection brings effortless style and cocooning support to your bedroom. Sleep well with superior support and softness at the heart of this elegant collection’s design. Regal beds are expertly built to bring you a restful and well balanced night’s sleep. Hand made using the luxury fillings and materials, the Regal Collection is the reserve of those who want nothing but the very best.

Hypnos Regal

Natural Comfort Collection

The luxurious Natural Comfort Collection is the latest range from Hypnos. This range has been lovingly designed and handcrafted using nature’s finest materials to provide you with supreme comfort and support, tailored to your unique body shape. Enjoy an amazing Hypnos Natural Comfort sleep experience based on our collected knowledge of supporting rest and well-being for over a century. The Hypnos Natural Comfort collection consists of four handmade beds: the Hypnos Hazel Deluxe bed, the Hypnos Aspen Supreme bed, the Hypnos Maple Superb bed and the Hypnos Willow Sublime bed.

Hypnos Natural Comfort

Orthos Support Collection

Hypnos Orthos Support Collection has been specially designed for people who prefer or require firmer support from their bed without compromising on comfort. This collection blends the latest pocket spring technology with traditional hand crafting to create a haven for rest and relaxation. Experience true comfort and relaxation with the Orthos Support firmer feeling divan and mattress, so you can look forward to a rejuvenating sleep every single night. The Orthos Support Collection comes in a choice four mattresses - Latex, Cashmere, Silk or Wool - to provide a level of comfort and support to meet everyone’s personal preference.

Hypnos Natural Comfort

Pillow Top Collection

The Hypnos Pillow Top collection gives you ultimate rest and relaxation, so you always wake refreshed and energised. This collection has become so popular since it's introduction in 2011. The extra Pillow Top layer ensures that you sink into the soft sleeping surface, which gently wraps around you and your partner. This softer, cocooning comfort provides a unique point of difference, and a deep, relaxing sleeping sensation that truly sets the Pillow Top Collection apart. Luxuriate in blissful comfort and cushioning, supported by our patented pocket springs and a sublimely soft Pillow Top.

Hypnos Natural Comfort

Luxury No Turn Collection

Hypnos’ Luxury No Turn collection comprises three premium hand crafted mattresses, Superb, Supreme and Deluxe. With a hand tufted finish, the Luxury No Turn mattresses feature a sleeping surface with silver-infused, 100% cotton, stretch knit fabric. The stretch knit fabric offers a soft and comfy feel, while the silver treatment provides the topper with a natural resistance to bacteria and dust mites, creating a fresh and hygienic sleeping environment. Premium, hand-crafted mattresses designed for a fresh and comfortable night’s rest.

Hypnos Luxury No Turn

Bedstead Collection

The Hypnos Bedstead Mattress Collection can be used on your new bedstead or bed frame. However, It is designed with slatted bedsteads in mind, and has additional specification details to cope with the focused energy a slat can apply to a mattress. The durable and specifically selected materials used in these mattresses means that they will outlast other mattresses when used on a slatted bedstead. Whatever your sleep and style preference, there’s a Hypnos mattress to suit you perfectly.

Hypnos Luxury No Turn

Storage & Space Saving options

Clever and subtle solutions to save space and hide away your stored items in the bedroom, for a restful and clutter-free sleeping space.

Two Drawers (for single diavn bed)

Suitable for a single bed, or both drawers on one side of the divan. Each drawer can hold up to 20kg of weight.

Two Drawers

Giving hidden additional storage in the bedroom, each drawer can hold up to 20kg of weight. Available on double sized divans and above.

Four Drawers

Four large drawers for maximum storage, each able to hold 20kg of weight. Available on double sized divans and above.

Continental Drawers

Two small and two large drawers, to enable easy opening around bedside tables. The two large drawers can hold up to 20kg, whilst the smaller continental can support 7kg each. Available on divans of double size and above.

Hypnos Luxury No Turn

Hideaway Storage

Hypnos Hideaway

Storage Options

Hypnos Storage

Hidden Bed Safe

The Hidden Safe Drawer from Hypnos safe allows you to take luxury and practicality to the next level, with not only the option to choose additional security features, but also a selection of exquisite upholstery fabrics to choose from. Hypnos has partnered with Yale, the most trusted and respected name in home security, to offer a discretely hidden safe that can be built into a Hypnos divan and secured behind a beautifully upholstered drawer front. The safe is concealed from view, revealed only by pushing the drawer front. The built-in safe provides you with the peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safely secured. For added protection the safe also comes accredited with £10,000 valuables protection and £1,000 cash rating. The safe features not only a numbered keypad entry system, but also an override key in case of emergency. The innovative Hidden Bed Safe is available with a number of Hypnos’ standard sprung and platform divans, as well as Regency and Regal continental divans.

Hypnos Luxury No Turn

Trio Guest Bed

This three in one, elegantly upholstered guest bed offers the ultimate sleeping versatility for every home. Providing the flexibility of a single, king size or twin bed, the Trio guest bed gives a welcoming night's sleep for your guests and is equally ideal for your child's first bed. Designed as a space saving solution, the mattresses are covered in the finest Belgian damask fabric, then hand tufted and matched with an upholstered non sprung platform top divan.

Hypnos Luxury No Turn

Design Options

Choose a traditional deep divan base or a contemporary shallow divan base. A deep divan base can also incorporate a range of practical hidden storage solutions. Select an upholstered headboard design to crown your bed and to create a beautiful focal point. Finally the divan base and headboard will be upholstered in your preferred fabric, faux suede or leather. 

Divan Types

Hypnos Divan Types

Divan Style

Hypnos Divan Style

Feet for deep divan bases

Hypnos Feet

Legs for shallow divan bases

Hypnos Feet


Hypnos has developed a range of upholstery fabrics that enable headboards and divans to be tailored to the individual and to their interior bedroom decor. Choose from jacquard woven fabric and stylish tactile faux suede or faux leather. Match the divan fabric with the headboard fabric for a striking look.

Royal WarrantRoyal Warrant

Royal Warrants have always been regarded as demonstrating the very highest standards in excellence, quality, service and innovation, hence are highly prized and are a mark of the best of British. Hypnos' Royal Warrant is for HM Queen Elizabeth II and covers the category - 'Bedding and upholstery manufacturers’. Hypnos is proud to be the only bed maker to actively supply all of the Royal residences, including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, St.James Palace, Balmoral Castle, Sandringham House, The Palace of Holyroodhouse and Kensington Palace. Hypnos has also made bespoke beds specifically for visiting dignitaries and shared our knowledge with the Royal Households at Buckingham Palace, to teach the importance of sleep and its impact on health and wellbeing.


Size does matter - How to choose the right mattress size

There's a lot to think about when choosing your next mattress, but size is one of the easier things to decide. Before you decide on what mattress size you want, you should consider how much space you have, who's sleeping in the bed, and what comfort means to you. Let's look at each in more detail at below:-

Hypnos Mattress Size

Beds for Bad Backs

Sleep supported every night cradled by our unique ReActive pocket spring technology, which senses your shape and weight distribution to ensure total spinal and body support and deep rest. Throughout these beds run our many years of experience to balance firmer support with maximum comfort.

  • Signature - Luxuriously upholstered with naturally soft and breathable layers of cashmere, pashmina, grey hair, British wool, bamboo, silk and silver.
  • Elegance - A blend of cashmere, camel hair, mohair and silver creates a supportive and snug mattress to enhance your rest and relaxation.
  • Orthos Latex - Ultimate luxury and support with the ReActive™ ten-turn pocket spring system in firm or extra firm comfort level. Upholstered with cashmere, hair, latex and natural fibres for breathability
  • Orthos Cashmere - Beautifully tailored with cashmere, wool and natural fibres, this mattress offers firm or extra firm support with the patent ReActive™ ten-turn pocket spring system.
  • Orthos Silk - Choose this silk and wool upholstered mattress in firm or extra firm tensions. Breathable, fresh and supportive, it features our responsive ReActive™ eight-turn pocket system.
  • Orthos Wool - Simply supportive with inbuilt comfort and firmness, naturally soft and breathable wool complements the ReActive™ six-turn pocket spring system, either firm or extra firm.

Care Guide

  • Mattress Protection: Hypnos strongly recommend the use of a good quality cotton or wool-faced mattress protector under your bed linen to protect your mattress from spills and stains and to promote hygiene - avoid plastic based non-breathable types or any other form of plastic sheeting as this will tend to trap condensation and risk potential mould growth. Failure to use a mattress protector could invalidate the guarantee.
  • Expect Body Impressions: Most people tend to sleep in the same position on their mattress every night. Body impressions are therefore a normal occurrence and a positive indication that the generous amount of upholstery fillings are conforming to your body's unique shape, weight and sleeping pattern. Rotating and turning the mattress as described below will minimise body impressions.
  • Rotating and Turning Your Mattress: A Hypnos mattress can be heavy, so seek assistance when turning and rotating your mattress. The majority of Hypnos mattresses are upholstered with fillings on both sides hence require a Seasonal Turn. Turning the mattress over and rotating end-to-end periodically will allow even settlement on both sides of the mattress. It is recommended to turn and rotate your mattress once a week during the first 3 months and thereafter with the Seasons. Warning - do not use the handles to lift or carry the mattress. The sewn on handles are intended to help rotate and position the mattress while lying flat on the divan base. Handles sewn to a mattress are not designed to support the full weight of the mattress and you would risk damaging the border upholstery. This would invalidate the guarantee. In the case of 'No Turn' mattresses it is sufficient to simply rotate the mattress seasonally to ensure equal wear and tear. In the case of 'warmer and cooler sided mattresses', after the first three months simply choose which of the warmer or cooler sides best fits with the current season then rotate monthly and turn twice a year. In the case of zip and link mattresses, please unfasten the mattresses before turning or rotating.
  • Airing Your Mattress: Give your mattress a good airing on a daily or weekly basis - simply leave the bed linen turned back for a few hours each time and allow air to circulate around and through the mattress.
  • Cleaning - Clean your bed every other month with a soft brush to keep it clear of dust and fluff - avoid the use of a vacuum cleaner as this may unduly disturb the upholstery fillings. Treat stains and spills immediately using dry towels or paper towels. Do not use detergents or chemical cleaners as this may bleach or disintegrate the fabric.
  • Handling Your Mattress - Never attempt to fold or roll your mattress, even for a short period of time. Your mattress is designed and constructed for use only in a flat position. The exceptions are sofa bed mattresses and adjustable bed mattresses - please always store your mattress in a flat position.
  • Mattress Usage - In order to maximise consistent shape and support around the perimeter of your mattress please avoid regularly sitting on the edge in the same position for long periods. Please do not stand on your bed or allow children to treat it as a trampoline - this applies equally to the mattress and the divan base.
  • Never Smoke in Bed!

Great British Craftsmanship

All Hypnos beds are handcrafted to perfection, a masterpiece. Hypnos only use natural and sustainable materials of the finest quality. 

Bed Manufacturer of the Year

Hypnos is the only company to have won the National Bed Federation's (NBF) "Bed Manufacturer of the Year Award" TWICE, in 2014/15 and 2011/12, which re-enforces the superior quality, tailoring and comfort of Hypnos' beds, plus the innovative and responsible ethos of the business. Hypnos has also passed the NBF's strict code of practice which reinforces flammability, supply chain, material cleanliness and trade descriptions compliance, providing the ultimate consumer reassurance.


A 10 year guarantee reinforces our craftsmanship and illustrates our confidence in the quality and durability of our beds.

Manufacturing Guild Mark

Hypnos is one of the proud few British manufacturers to have been awarded the prestigious Manufacturing Guild Mark (MGM) accreditation. This mark of excellence is given to only 50 manufacturers in the UK, and is achieved through a rigorous, independently reviewed audit, demonstrating our very strongest commitment to meeting the highest standards of British design, quality and sustainability.

Awarded by The Furniture Makers’ Company and the City of London livery company, this accreditation shows again to our suppliers and customers the highest importance we place on the quality of our processes. This ensures we always provide the very best in service and create handmade beds worthy of the trust bestowed by the world’s royalty, finest hotels and most luxurious homes. 

Hypnos Awards