Duvalay Sapphire Small Double Mattress



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  • Tension: Medium
  • 2600 Nested Pocket Springs
  • The finest Wool
  • Soft & durable Cashmere
  • FREE Remove & Recycle your old bed or mattress - Equivalent Product
  • FREE Mattressgard Mattress Protector with every Duvalay bed or mattress
 Remove & Recycle your existing bed or mattress Mattressgard

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Duvalay Sapphire Small Double Mattress | 4'0 x 6'3 | 120cm x 190cm

Snugly, Pillow-Topped Divan Bed


  • 2600 Nested Pocket Springs: Each spring individually senses your weight and shape to provide total body support & correct spinal alignment 
  • Natural Cotton: Supremely comfortable, hypoallergenic and excellent at wicking moisture away.
  • The finest Wool: Naturally springy, comfortable and durable
  • Luxurious Silk: ultra soft & comfortable. One of natures most luxurious materials
  • Soft & durable Cashmere: Soft and extremely durable as well as being an excellent temperature regulator.
  • Genuine hand-side stitched border: Traditional hand-side stitching secures the springs to the mattress border and prevents 'roll out'
  • Air vents: Added air vents to the mattress border, increasing airflow and keeping it cool & breathable.
  • Hand Tufted: Hand tufted using wool rosettes to create the perfect finish  


  • Mattress Depth 32cm / 12.6inch

What's Included?

  • Base: No
  • Mattress: Yes
  • Headboard: No

Sizes Available:

  • Single: 3ft x 6ft3in (90cm x 190cm)
  • Double: 4ft6in x 6ft3in (135cm x 190cm)
  • King Size: 5ft x 6ft6in (150cm x 198cm)
  • Super King Size: 6ft x 6ft6in (180cm x 198cm)

The Sapphire Mattress from Duvalay offers a premium solution for every comfort requirement. The mattress features 2600 individually responsive, nested pocket springs and is tipped with Wool, Cashmere and Silk fillings for a truly sumptuously soft feel. All Duvalay are luxurious, refreshing, perfectly supportive and breathable. Duvalay have included individually responsive, nested pocket springs, traditional, deep side-stitching; revitalising vents, luxurious and snuggly pillow-tops and lavish layers of the finest custom-blended materials to guarantee you enjoy an astonishing night’s sleep. The reason these beds and mattresses are so good for the money is that they are packed with features usually seen on the top end models. Add to that a 10 year warranty, and you'll soon agree with Richard Branson: "everyone should have a Duvalay"!


Free Mattressgard Essential Mattress Protector from Staingard with Every Care Plan

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Delivery Timescales:

  • Duvalay Beds & Mattresses typically have a 2-4 week delivery lead time
  • Our 2 man delivery team will unpack, assemble, remove the packaging and take away your old bed
  • Some items may be available for faster delivery. Please call to enquire on 0161 639 0994.

General delivery information:

  • We deliver free of charge to the room of your choice on most orders above £300 within mainland UK.
  • We reserve the right to make additional delivery charges for exceptional circumstances
  • For more information on possible additional delivery charges please see our Delivery Information page. 
  • Where orders total less than £300 we charge £40 for delivery.
  • We deliver our beds, sofas and furniture to the whole of Europe. Charges for European delivery vary depending upon cubic capacity and weight. Please contact our delivery team by telephone or by email using our Contact Us page to discuss your delivery requirements.

Mattressgard by Staingard

Staingard Upholstery Protection

Care Plans:

Level 1 (Stains) - Acids, Cosmetics, Shoe Polish, Ink, Bleaches, Caustics, Corrosives, Paints, Superglue, Coffee, Ketchup, Cola, Human and animal bodily fluids, Dyes and dye transfer from newspaper print or clothing, including denim and All food stuff & drink

Level 2 (Stains and Accidental Damage) Fabric Kit - Level 1 stain protection + Rips, Burns, Scuffs, Punctures, Scratches, Breakage, Dents or Chips, Water, liquid or heat marks, Pet Damage (limited to 3 claims per period of insurance)

Level 3 – Stains, Accidental Damage and Structural Damage - Level 1 & 2 protection plus Frame warpage and breakage, Peeling of veneered or laminated finishes, Lifting or peeling of the hide on leather furniture, Broken zips, castors and buttons, Bending and Breakage of Metal Components, Failure of Recliner Mechanisms Including Electrical Textil Kit, Motors and Associated Electric Components.

Mattressgard Essential Mattress Protector from Staingard

Material: face: poly knitted fabrc with TPU,130gsm, skirt: 100gsm 

Essential Mattress Protector

Please Note: A mattress protector must be used at all times for the care plan to be valid. Additional mattress protectors can be purchased. You can also upgrade your mattress protector by selecting your choice from above.

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. But with Staingard Plus, you can put your mind at ease knowing that if an accident happens to your new furniture, they are there to put it right for you. Staingard Plus is a specialist upholstery insurance scheme, that starts the moment your furniture is delivered, for a period of 5 years. Staingard is available in three increasingly comprehensive levels of protection: Level 1 – Stains; Level 2 – Stains and Accidental Damage; and Level 3 – Stains, Accidental Damage and Structural Damage.

Most people spend as much as 8 hours a night in their beds, which is why buying the right bed is such an important decision. However, choosing the right bed is only the start, the use of a Staingard Mattress protector will contribute significantly to a perfect nights sleep. Staingard Mattress Protectors offer resistance to spills which can spoil the appearance of your mattress and also provide a significant reduction in the development of fungal colonies and bacteria which in turn leads to a reduction in the colonisation of house dust mites.

Remove & Recycle

Remove and Recycle 

FREE Remove & Recycle your old mattress, bed, sofa and furniture

  • We work with the UK’s leading furniture recycling plant
  • Waste Transfer protocol

A guide to the mattress recycling process

  1. We deliver and assemble your new bed / mattress and take away your old one.
  2. Your old mattress arrives back in our depot
  3. Stored in our assigned recycling bay (secure and dry) as we build up a load before we head to the recycling plant
  4. Transport to the recycling plant with a manifest prepared on a waste transfer note
  5. Waste Transfer protocol upon arrival at the recycling plant
  6. Your old mattress is then visually inspected to assess Good or Poor quality material. Documentation check and confirmation
  7. Mattresses are then manually de-constructed to retrieve valuable materials including
    1. Polyesters
    2. Metal
    3. PU Foams
    4. Nylon & Silk
  8. Materials are then baled and reprocessed

Your old mattress is deconstructed by hand so that the highest possible amount of quality recyclable materials are recovered. This is in contrast to mechanical shredding which doesn’t enable the easy separation of materials.

High quality mattresses can have as many as 17 different recyclable materials. Those such as steel and cotton which have an established recycling route, through to horse and coconut hair which have no current market, however they are used as a biomass application.

Less than 7% of materials will go direct in to RDF (Refuse derived fuels) due to high contamination.

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