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Corndell Barrington Small Sideboard BA307

Regular Price: £348.00

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  • Dimensions: W: 1000mm x H: 850mm x D: 400mm
  • Strong, classic hand crafted furniture
  • Produced from pine and spruce timbers
  • Tongue and groove panels and dovetail drawers
  • An extensive range of dining and occasional furniture
Regular Price: £348.00

Corndell Barrington Small Sideboard BA307

  • Product Code: BA307
  • Strong, classic hand crafted furniture
  • Features a rich patina
  • Produced from pine and spruce timbers
  • Tongue and groove panels and dovetail drawers
  • Brushed antique glaze
  • Adorned with metal cup handles
  • An extensive range of dining and occasional furniture

Strong, classic and hand produced from pine and spruce timbers, the Barrington range features a rich patina, a look which is inherent in recycled timber. The collection has all the hallmarks of classic hand crafted furniture, with its tongue and groove panels and dovetail drawers. In order to further emphasise the timbers, a brushed antique glaze creates an extra depth and warmth the finish.

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  • 1-2 weeks for in stock items, otherwise 6-8 weeks delivery approx
  • 2 person home delivery to the room of your choice
  • Please note that it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the delivery team have clear and unobstructed access

Care & Use


Care and Use Instructions

Corndell furniture is made from solid wood and veneers, we use skilled machining, hand construction and hand assembly to produce quality furniture to be proud of. Our furniture is made to be practical and to be enjoyed. Taking good care of your furniture will prolong its life and enhance its beauty.

Wood Characteristics & Colour:

All wood varies in grain pattern and colour and no two pieces of wood are alike, this gives each piece of furniture a unique character.

Regardless of the finish applied to the wood, furniture will become a little darker and richer in colour with time, this is due to the action of light on the wood. Any new pieces added to a collection will initially appear lighter, the difference will disappear as the new furniture mellows.

Lamps and ornaments should be moved regularly on new furniture so that the mellowing process is even on the whole piece.

Surface Care & Cleaning:


• Avoid locating your furniture in extremes of temperature or humidity as these may adversely affect the wood and the construction of the furniture.

• Whatever the finish never use chemical or abrasive cleaners on your furniture.

• Never place hot objects directly on your furniture, always use heat protective coverings or mats.

• Any liquid or food spillages should be cleaned immediately with a dry cloth and with a blotting action.

Lacquered and painted finishes

Dust and clean with a soft dry cloth.

Satin finish

Dust and clean with a soft dry or slightly cloth.

Oiled finish

Dust in the direction of the grain with a dry, lint free cloth. If the wood starts to look dry it can be refreshed by lightly re-oiling with Danish oil (available from most DIY stores), always make sure the surface is dry and dust free before applying any oil.

Waxed finish

Dust in the direction of the grain with a dry, lint free cloth, If the furniture become scratched or marked rub some solid wax into the damaged area to exclude moisture. If the wood starts to look dry it can be refreshed by re-waxing with a light coat of soft wax polish. Always make sure the surface is dry and dust free before applying the wax. Avoid buffing the surface too much after applying a coat of wax as this will result in a ‘shiny’ surface.

Upholstery Care:


The microfiber should only be cleaned when absolutely necessary, and no guarantee is given that cleaning will be harmless to the material. Clean with a damp cloth with a little mild detergent or soap. Soak up any excess moisture immediately, and leave to dry naturally, If stain removers are to be used, try a small test area underneath first, to ensure that the fabric is not adversely affected.


The leather may be cleaned using a slightly damp cloth with a very mild detergent or soap, no guarantee is given that cleaning will be harmless to the leather. Any excess moisture should be absorbed immediately and the leather should be left to dry naturally. Alternatively for harder stains or marks use a specialist leather cleaner and follow the manufacturers instructions. Do not use stain removers on the leather unless they specifically say that they are suitable for use on leather.


Packaging / Transit Protection

Some pieces of furniture are fitted with plastic pads, rubbing strips, base boards or support bar for protection while in transit. Please remove all such protection carefully before installation. Where protectors are secured with screws, remove the screws. Pinned protectors (such as plastic pads) can be pulled off using pliers. Handle and dispose of carefully to avoid injury from the pins. Protection fittings can be discarded or kept for future use (this is to recommended if your furniture is to be transported again).

Beds and Tables

Beds and tables contain their own assembly instructions.

Dining Tables

Dining tables contain their own assembly instructions. To extend a fliptop table, unlock the fittings underneath and gently pull the two halves of the top fully apart. Rotate the folded extension leaf out of its enclosure so that it rests on top of the under frame, and then unfold it. Gently push the two outer pieces back inwards, ensuring that the location pins mate with their respective sockets. Lock all four fittings underneath. In order to ensure that the extension leaf receives the same exposure to light as the outer sections of the top, try to leave the table in its extended configuration as much as possible, even when not in use.


Swing the support legs into vertical position and secure them by inserting one screw through the free hole in each leg and driving it into the back of the panel.

TV / Video Unit

These units have an opening in the back panel to allow connector cables to be hidden.


Wardrobes contain their own assembly instructions. Most wardrobes may be dismantled into sections for delivery into areas with difficult access. See separate instructions provided with the unit.


Dressers are supplied with three-holed fixing plates to secure the top unit to the base unit. THE STABILITY OF THE PRODUCT WILL BE ADVERSELY AFFECTED IF THESE PLATES ARE NOT FITTED. Dresser tops are fitted with transit braces to reinforce their structure during delivery. The braces should be removed by taking out their fixing screws. They may be discarded or kept for furniture use. We recommend the use of similar bracing in the event of further transportation of your furniture. With assistance lift the top unit carefully into position on the base, ensuring that it is central, and the top and bottom units are flush on the back edge. Be careful not to scratch or damage the base unit during this process. Apply the fixing plates to the back edge of the base unit top, bridging the joint between this panel and the black of the top. Drive one screw through each back plate into the back panel of the top unit and two into the back edge of the base top panel.


Electric Lights

Lamps built into glazed dressers are low voltage halogen units, powered from a transformer screwed to the top of the dresser. If you wish the transformer can be removed from this location by removing its locating screws. You can then locate the unit wherever you wish within range of the leads. ENSURE THAT THERE IS PLENTY OF AIR CIRCULATION AROUND THE TRANSFORMER. Connect the white low voltage leads to the output leads from the transformer by simply plugging them in. Plug the transformer ‘s main power lead into a mains socket. Replacement 12 Volt lamps are available from good electrical retailers – specify a 12 Volt, 10 Watt G4/C-8 unit. Ensure that you do not touch the glass of the lamp with your fingers as this can cause premature failure.



To fit handles push the fixing screw through the hole in the drawer front or door from the inside. Hold the screw head with a screwdriver and screw the knob on the outside. Tighten firmly but not excessively.


The nuts securing the legs of tables should be checked periodically for tightness. Tighten firmly by hand – do not use a wrench.


Products with adjustable shelves are provided with four shelf supports for each shelf. Insert these in the holes at your chosen height and rest the shelves on the supports.


All products are strongly constructed for reliable service. Nevertheless, as with any domestic equipment, reasonable care should be adopted in use, particularly where there are children in the home. For the sake of your family’s safety, never allow furniture to be used for any purpose other than that for which it is primarily intended. Never allow anyone – especially children – to climb on or into the furniture, or to use excessive force on such things as open doors or drawers. Where assembly or wall fixing fitting are provided ensure that they are used. Use reasonable care in distributing weight, particularly in taller pieces which could topple if top-heavy.


Thank you for choosing a piece of Corndell Furniture.

We hope you will enjoy having it in your home.

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