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Harrison Beds

Please note: We are currently only stockists of Harrisons Express Mattresses & also have some availability on the previous NuBed range.

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About Harrison Beds

Established in 1889 Harrison beds are hand made and built to an excellent quality utilising their own innovative pocket spring technology. Harrison beds spring within a spring "Revolution®" is designed to automatically adjust to support the individual without roll-together. Using only the finest quality bed fillings, Harrison beds are a quality product built to last. Hand Built Beds to your Individual Specifications Harrison Beds was established in 1889 and the company’s old fashioned values of excellence and tradition are still an important part of the company motto today. Harrison Beds believe in building quality, and every bed in the Bed Tailor Collection is hand built to meet individual requirements (Height, width and length can all be altered).

Do you ever feel like you’re rolling out of bed, or that you are collapsing in a heap in the middle? If the answer is yes, it is because you are unable to use the full width of your mattress because of insufficient support. Harrison mattresses are side stitched and the borders secured to the Pocket Springs ensuring correct support, right to the very edge. Not only does this provide you with the maximum sleeping surface, it also ensures a longer lasting mattress. Harrison Beds: Revolutionary Pocket Spring Technology, only the Finest Fillings Harrison’s unique Revolution® Pocket Spring System is designed to adjust automatically to individual support requirements, and so provides superior comfort without roll-together.

There are 1,438 Revolution™ Pocket Springs in a 150cm (5’ 0”) Harrison Beds Classic mattress. Thoughtfully arranged upholstery provide a warm winter and a cool summer side. Harrison use only the finest upholstery fillings. The Harrison Beds Classic mattress contains resilient white fibre to help the mattress retain shape and loft, coupled with a cool, soft cotton blend to the cool side, providing outstanding levels of comfort.

Harrison Beds handcrafted bases contain individually sleeved Pocket Springs in order that they move independently of their neighbour. Pocket sprung bases offer more springs than a

conventional base, allowing the base to contour with the mattress, increasing your comfort and the longevity of your bed. So, if you’re looking for that special size bed, let the Bed Tailor from Harrison Beds measure you up.


Harrison Beds understand that everyone has a different preference as to how they like their bed to feel, from the deep sumptuous feeling of lying 'in' the bed, to the smoother, supportive feel of lying 'on' the bed. Only the finest fillings give an unrivalled feeling of luxury. Mohair & Silk Blend: Harrison Beds create the finest feeling of pure opulence with Mohair & Silk Blend, a filling that will allow you to relax into the mattress Cape Wool & Horsehair: Traditional feel of the softest, rich texture, welcomes you into a feeling of smooth natural comfort. Posturfil™: Harrison Beds’ unique mini quilted pocket spring system that performs perfect body contour support, whilst eliminating settlement in the mattress. Visco-Elastic: The feeling of walking on warm sand, sinking into each footstep - the experience of lying on visco-elastic, perfect if you like the deep, supportive feel of lying 'in' the bed. Natural Talalay Latex: Creates a wonderfully dense feel, incredibly supportive yet flexible, with superb resilience, perfect if you like the feeling of visco-elastic but prefer to lie 'on' the bed. Wool: Creates a soft, warm feel to the mattress - perfect Cotton: The smooth feeling of pure cotton provides a cool, refreshing feel. Resilient White Fibre: Superb man-made fibre, a great feeling of support, light and airy with excellent loft retention. Spring Technology: Pocket Spring Technology Brings Lasting Support and Comfort. Harrison offers a portfolio of unique patented spring systems that are designed to create perfect levels of support.

Each bed in the Harrison collections can be custom built to meet your exact requirements: a truly bespoke service. Any width, any length, any height, even a choice of firmness.

Revolution ®

Harrison Beds’ original award winning dual integrated spring system, a smaller spring nestles insides a larger pocket spring, providing additional support when required. With these springs developed to continuously push upwards under tension not only do you experience constant support, but increased longevity of the mattress, with additional benefit of each pocket spring set working independently the experience of roll- together is eliminated.

Revolution 2 ®: Evolved from Revolution®, this spring system provides the additional benefit of 'NO NEED TO TURN' - music to your ears, after all a quality mattress is not light. All the benefits of Revolution®; support, longevity, but with the added benefit of no need to turn the mattress on a regular basis.

Revolution 3 ®: Harrison Beds’ latest development, the Revolution 3®, spring system sits upon a smaller, firmer pocket spring, perfecting the ability of the mattress to contour perfectly to your body's form, no matter what size you are. The springs work in the synergy to bring long lasting support, without loss of height or settlement of the fillings, the feeling you experience today will be the same feel of the mattress in the future. As with Revolution 2® enjoy the benefit of a 'NO NEED TO TURN' mattress.

2Easy®: 2easy® spring system consists of a softer pocket spring, sat directly on top of a firmer, supportive one, providing comfort and support. With the 2Easy® technology your mattress will provide perfect comfort and support, matching the contours of your body, and providing increased support for an increased lifetime.

2Easy+®: 2easy® Plus spring system consists of a small, supportive spring nestled in a softer pocket spring, sat directly on top of a firmer, supportive one, pure comfort and support. The unique design ensures the mattress retains that deep, sumptuous pocket feel and responds perfectly to the contours of your body.