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Wordpress update .htaccess

Wordpress update .htaccess

We have been playing at putting together a blog for a couple of years now & we're now finally getting around to doing it properly. The URL of any page is very important and we needed to edit how it is displayed.

To change the URL you go to - Settings >> Permalinks

I decided to change ours from a custom setting which had index.php as part of the URL to just the post name which looks like this

Wordpress then asked me to update my .htaccess file which took me a little while to work out. I use Filezilla and then the file was located - www (folder) >> blog (folder) and there was the file. I changed the permissions to be 666 or writable and then re-saved my settings.

I'm sure I will get SEO advice not to have /blog within the URL although I think it makes it a little more transparent for the reader and obvious that your not on the main site.

Your not going to see many blogs like this on the Bedsite Blog because I'm mainly going to be talking about new interiors products from beds to cabinet furniture. Occasionally I'll stick something like this in when it "might be useful".

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