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Bed technology is continuously advancing in order to keep up with the changing lifestyle and attitude of an evolving consumer market.

Bed manufacturers are introducing new intelligent bed designs year in year out to sustain a more than apt consumer choice. Why? Deciding on a bed today is a multifactoral process due to the wide range of factors to consider when choosing a suitable bed to enrich sleep. For example, is the bed hypoallergenic? Is the bed firm enough? Would my partner approve – would a “zip and link” overcome contrasting sleeping preferences?

One such manufacturer with intelligible and thoughtful bed technology, and that strives to deliver a bed for all, is Slumberland – one of UK’s renowned “Super-Brands”.

The year 2011 for Slumberland represents the launch of a new range of beds and mattresses, each designed to bring comfort through innovative technology. There are four collections; each collection is distinguishable by the different technology used to provide lasting support and natural comfort.


Each design is a reflection of Slumberland’s knowledge of sleep and their continued belief that a bed should adapt to you and not you to a bed.


The Collection

The new Slumberland Seal range consists of high quality pocket springs, sumptuous natural fillings and high quality divan units. On the other hand, the Slumberland Posture-Flex is of exceptional value and is designed to benefit the whole family; it features a high-density memory foam encapsulation for edge-to-edge support, which allows full use of the mattress.

The Slumberland Memory Collection combines supportive memory foam with high-quality pocket springs. All mattresses belonging to the Memory Collection also feature a 100% Bamboo mattress cover – a hard-wearing, biodegradable, sustainable and eco-friendly material to promote longevity. Moreover, a quality soft-touch stretch fabric enables the mattress to mould or adapt to the natural body shape and alignment, which eases pressure on the joints and relieves the general stresses and strains of the day.

And finally, the Slumberland Latex Collection boasts the perfect combination of pocket springs with a layer of Dunlopillo latex to relieve pressure and edge-to-edge foam encapsulation for added support. This selection of mattresses are manufactured with Sensity™ fabric, which is filled with friendly microbiotic micro-capsules to ensure the highest anti-allergy protection, keeping the mattress hygienic, fresh and healthy – reducing allergies & asthma the natural way. Note. This fabric is also available in the Seal Collection.


Whether you want a sumptuous, luxurious feel with the Seal Range, added support with the Latex collection, a mattress that adheres to your body alignment in the Memory Collection, or posture supportive design in the Posture-flex Collection, Slumberland delivers on quality each time – no wonder it has been a reputable “Super-Brand” in the bed market since the 1930s.


If you are after a new bed and want more information on the Slumberland bed range, please give us a call on 01565 634 049, and we will be happy to assist.


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