Ashford Royale Rechargeable Powered Leather Recliner

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  • Dimensions (Overall) - Width: 89.0cm /35.0" x Depth: 98.0cm /38.5" x Height: 107.5cm /42.5"
  • Dimensions (Seat) - Width: 52.5cm /20.5" x Depth: 55.0cm /21.5" x Height: 49.0cm /19.5"
  • Scatter Cushions: Not included (sold separately)
  • Frame: Hand-built with joints glued and screwed using only FSC certified timber
  • Suspension: Fully Sprung, Fillings: Seat cushions: Reflex Foam & Back cushions: Fibre
  • Reversible Cushions: No, Shown in Colorado Mushroom

View Range

View Range

  • Antique Green
    Antique Green
  • Antique Red
    Antique Red
  • Colorado Light Saddle
    Colorado Light Saddle
  • Colorado Mushroom
    Colorado Mushroom
  • Colorado Sand
    Colorado Sand
  • Colorado Stone
    Colorado Stone
  • Queensbury Black
    Queensbury Black
  • Queensbury Brazil
    Queensbury Brazil
  • Queensbury Calvados
    Queensbury Calvados
  • Queensbury Chocolate
    Queensbury Chocolate
  • Queensbury Conker
    Queensbury Conker
  • Queensbury Dark Saddle
    Queensbury Dark Saddle
  • Queensbury Ivory
    Queensbury Ivory
  • Queensbury Toast
    Queensbury Toast
  • Queensbury Wine
    Queensbury Wine
  • Texas Brown
    Texas Brown
  • Texas Chesnut
    Texas Chesnut
  • Texas Teak
    Texas Teak
  • Capri Biscuit - +£20.00
    Capri Biscuit
  • Capri Grey - +£20.00
    Capri Grey
  • Capri Lavender - +£20.00
    Capri Lavender
  • Capri Light Blue - +£20.00
    Capri Light Blue
  • Capri Pink - +£20.00
    Capri Pink
  • Manhattan Black - +£20.00
    Manhattan Black
  • Manhattan Chocolate - +£20.00
    Manhattan Chocolate
  • Manhattan Cream - +£20.00
    Manhattan Cream
  • Manhattan Ruby - +£20.00
    Manhattan Ruby
  • Montana Brown - +£20.00
    Montana Brown
  • Montana Chestnut - +£20.00
    Montana Chestnut
  • Montana Teak - +£20.00
    Montana Teak
  • Montana Toast - +£20.00
    Montana Toast
  • Power Side Switch + Rechargeable Pack
    Power Side Switch + Rechargeable Pack
  • Castor
  • Glides
Regular Price: £1,837.50

Sherborne Ashford Royale Rechargeable Powered Leather Recliner

Features & Dimensions

  • Dimensions (Overall) - Width: 81.5cm /32.0" x Depth: 97.0cm /38.0" x Height: 105.0cm /41.5
  • Dimensions (Seat) - Width: 47.5cm /18.5" x Depth: 53.5cm /21.0" x Height: 49.0cm /19.5"
  • Supplied with lift-off back for ease of delivery into the home
  • PERSONAL 5 YEAR GUARANTEE on all actions, frames and electrical parts
  • Choice of Leather or Soft Covers

The Ashford Royale Powered Leather Recliner from Sherborne offers an attractive, incredibly comfortable manual recliner that provides excellent support when sitting upon it. It features attractively contoured scroll arms complemented by a soft, comfortable 'chaise' seat and a welcoming fibre-filled back cushion. For the ultimate in effortless reclining comfort choose the POWERED RECLINER with the two-button switch on the outside arm. This British made powered recliner is of the highest quality and has been constructed to be durable yet still providing maximum comfort. The Ashford powered recliner is also offered in other sizes. Powered recliner chairs are the most comfortable type of chair you could ever own. This power recliner will stand you up, lay you down, it will even put your feet up for you while you watch TV.

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Features and Options

Features & Options

Sherborne Recliners are truly the most relaxing type of Chairs you could ever possess. Not only that, but for the ultimate in effortless reclining comfort all Manual Recliners and Reclining Settees are also offered in fully Powered versions. All Manual Recliners and Reclining Settees use the same, super smooth action which enables a seemingly infinite number of recline positions to be reached with only the slightest of bodyweight movements. With a wonderful range of styles and designs to choose from, all made to consistently high quality standards, there should be a Recliner to suit almost everyone...

Manual Options

Choice of Catches or Handles:

Manual Option - With a choice of catch or handle release the super smooth action enables a seemingly infinite number of recline positions to be reached with only the slightest of bodyweight movements.


Glide Options:

Manual and Powered Recliners - all designs can be ordered with Glides for use on solid flooring, as can all Electric 'Lift & Rise' Recliners and most matching Chairs & Settees

Wall Proximity Movement  

Wall Proximity Movement:

Manual and Powered Recliners - all recline positions can be reached from within 10cm (4") from the wall

Powered Switch

Powered Button:

Two-button switch (shown left) conveniently fitted to the outside arm. The switch can also be requested for left-handed use where required.                                                                             

Rechargeable Power

Rechargeable versions:

Powered Recliners and Reclining Settees are also available in Rechargeable versions with no need to leave a cable running from the base of the Recliner or Settee to the wall socket


LED power indicator:

The transformer displays a green LED power light to show that power is reaching the Recliner.

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