About Us

Welcome to the new and improved 'Bedsite.co.uk' Appleyard Interior's official internet trading name
Appleyard Interiors is a family-run business that has been intertwined with the furniture trade since 1879. We have had multiple stores over the years but our main stem came from our renowned Liverpool retail store. We are passionate about what we do, and as our trade in the North West strengthens, we look forward to keeping up with the ever-evolving interior concept the current hi-tech society dictates.

We understand that the real value is in the quality of the goods; this is why we deal with some of the best furniture makers, upholsterers and bed manufacturers in Europe. Manufacturers include Hypnos, a UK bed manufacturer in possession of a Royal Warrant; Gascoigne Designs and Legacy whose approach towards manufacturing and upholstering lounge suites, is a labour of love; and G-Plan Cabinet who continue to deliver quality living and dining furniture time and time again.

We hope you find our new site informative and easy to shop around. Should you want any assistance don’t hesitate to call us and we will be more than happy to help.

What’s in a name?

Appleyard Interiors – Appleyard (noun) = the company descendent, Mr George E Appleyard; Interiors (adj.) = the inside of a building or room, with respect to design and decoration. Indeed, with this new name, we offer complete transparency in what we do and what we aim for. We have the past that strengthens the future in the form of our history as manufacturers of fine furniture and we have the future that strengthens the past by way of interior design.

Indeed, we are excited about our move to Marple and are happy to be exploring the added diversity of interior design – an obvious extension based on the longevity of our business and the experience that comes with it.

The launch to take us deeper into the 21st Century

The original Bedsite.co.uk was officially launched in November 2006 – a “keeping up with the Jones’s” act to embark on the worldwide web. Bedsite brought with it a wealth of new manufacturers, a customer base that extended beyond Europe, and an element of pride. Our reference to pride stems from our passion to provide a user friendly e-commerce environment where customers can gather information regarding a manufacturer and their products..... Five years is a long time in the land of web, and after randomly selecting customer feedback, we decided we needed to modernise the appearance of our website and improve the ease of navigation throughout. As such, we re-launched our website this year to incorporate a new refreshing design and a “shop by” feature for customers whom prefer to shop by item of interest not brand.

Our plan for G-Plan Cabinets

Our dealings with G-Plan extend back over 50 years; the manufacturer’s drive towards succeeding in creating excellent quality Cabinet pieces gives us, and subsequently our customers, the confidence to invest in G-Plan, year in year out.

G-Plan is a long established manufacturer that has been in operation for over 100 years. It was first set up by Ebenezer Gomme in 1898 in the town of High Wycombe, Bucks, at the height of the industrial revolution.

To celebrate our growing business with G-Plan, we have introduced a G-Plan Cabinet studio into our new showroom. The G-Plan Cabinet Studio displays a number of furniture pieces across a complete spectrum of their ranges: Heritage, Fresco, Monet, Matisse, Rembrandt, and Gainsborough – all presented to engage with our customers imagination.

Our studio concept is part of our new plan to give our customers something a little extra when they visit our showroom. We deal with some of the best manufacturers in the industry and we want to celebrate this by displaying an extensive range of their designs for our customers to view.

As our business strengthens and enters 2012, we are confident our showroom will develop to be one that complements the manufacturers we deal with as well as acting as a stimulus for our new interior design service.

Here is looking at Hypnos – the “most comfortable beds in the world”

Hypnos is renowned for manufacturing some of the best beds in the world. In fact, they have recently been rewarded the “best bed manufacturer of 2011” by the National Bed Federation.

The art of bed manufacturing has been perfected by Hypnos over the years, in fact since the Edwardian period - a mere century ago. With their reputable handmade craftsmanship, Hypnos continues to honour their renowned traditional, time-honoured skills to enrich what is "great" in Great British Furniture. With twice-heated springs and luxurious renewable fillings, it is to no surprise these beds have received the prestigious Royal Warrant.

The success of Hypnos and our confidence in their beds – measurable by quality and innovative comfort – has resonated in our showroom. Indeed, an extensive array of Hypnos beds covering each of their ranges can now be seen displayed in our showroom for our customers to try.

A step towards interior design

Well, Interior Design is becoming vastly popular – my husband and I were witness to the extent to which this industry has grown when we attended the 2011 Decorex show in Chelsea, London. The notion of conceptual interiors dictated by the architectural setting is becoming the norm for many homeowners. Indeed, intelligent use of space, clever lighting in rooms, complementary textures and colours – all converge to create an environment that we call home.

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