Corndell Furniture | Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room & Office

Corndell are one of the UK's largest independent manufacturers of solid wood furniture. A strong family tradition with over 30 years experience in the furniture manufacturing industry assures continuity, craftsmanship and high quality products.

A substantial proportion of Corndell's team of furniture-makers has worked with the company for most of its existence, and it is common for more than one member of a local family to be represented in the workforce. This strong family tradition has brought the stability of longstanding experience to the company.

Furnishing a home is all the time a complementary work within the restrictions of fixed budgets. Frequently the preference is to purchase a small amount of pieces of classy furniture or a larger quantity of pieces of budget type furniture that may require replacing in a few years time. Corndell furniture crafts an extensive range of quality furniture in diverse styles that range from the typical look to more contemporary look.

Corndell employs state of the art manufacturing techniques combined with hand finishing to produce high quality competitively priced furniture. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the design of Corndell products & is combined with great care to produce and finish furniture that is attractive, practical and great for you to touch and use.

Corndell Furniture Product Features: Click to enlarge
Joints for added strength Solid drawer divisions Stretcher rails Solis or Tongue & Groove drawer bases Deep back rails
Joints for added strength Solid drawer divisions Stretcher rails Solis or Tongue & Groove drawer bases Deep back rails
Solid Base panels Metal inserts for handles Low voltage internal lighting Adjustable toughened glass shelves Solid wooden top
Solid Base panels Metal inserts for handles Low voltage internal lighting Adjustable toughened glass shelves Solid wooden top

With it's solid construction and timeless good looks, Corndell Furniture is a great investment.

  • - Practicality; Corndell will not let you down when it comes to storage capacity and strength. Corndell is built to take the load.
  • - Durability; Corndell is built to take the rigours of everyday living and family life, and its traditional construction will give many years of trouble free service.

Corndell constructs furniture using conventional materials and methods. An ancient much loved finish is oak, either in its natural shade or whether stained to present a darker appearance. Where the furniture is made from solid timber, the drawers are made with dovetail joints and the bottom is from timber. These features alone in the manufacture of quality furniture helps guarantee its long lasting. In addition, for the dining area Corndell offer a range of modern metal and glass table with chairs that go together with the design of the table.

Corndell Furniture produces furniture of great quality, comfort and durability with a contemporary style in mind, Bedsite stocks 4 different types of Corndell Furniture, these are: Living Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Dining Room Furniture and Home Office Furniture. All of Corndell’s ranges Annecy, Country, Lovell, Lovell Lite, Nimbus, Radleigh, Winslow and Nimbus Office are made from quality solid wood panels and veneers, and to a high quality specification. Most of the Corndell’s furniture ranges are available with choices of finish and some with handles and foot options.

Bedsite offer a great range of Corndell furniture including the well known Corndell Nimbus range.  With a choice of woods and handles you will find what you want from our Corndell Furniture range.

The 'IT IS Great British Furniture' is an initiative designed to increase awareness of the key factors that make British made furniture great in the eyes of the consumer, retailers, contract specifiers, architects and the wider international audience, and we at Corndell are very proud to be included as manufacturers of Great British Furniture.

Why buy British?

The world is becoming a smaller place. Products from all over the planet are readily available in our retail outlets. So we want to provide you, the consumer, with a number of key facts that will help you to make a more informed decision when you make your next purchase.

- Years, decades and centuries of tradition, go into the manufacture of furniture in Britain. Craft skills that have been conceived, developed and perfected in this country over many, many years are still prevalent in factories up and down this great nation of ours.

- British furniture manufacturers source and use the finest components that become the ingredients used to put into practice the innovative design and creative craft skills that produce such fabulous products.

- Stringent standards of environmental management and health and safety control are in place in all of our member companies factories. This will provide significant peace of mind for the "ethically and morally aware consumer".

-Design is a major priority for British furniture manufacturers and whether your taste is traditional, classical reproduction, cutting-edge contemporary or anything in between you can find it within the pages of this website, having been produced in Great Britain.

-When you have made the decision to purchase a new item of furniture, understandable excitement will follow. British furniture manufacturers, in general, offer shorter delivery times meaning that your purchase can be in place in your home as quickly as possible.

-After sales service is more reliable and more efficient when dealing with a product manufactured in Britain. British companies put their reputation to not only providing the best furniture but also the best service to you the consumer.

Inspirational design, the most traditional manufacturing methods, the most stringent environmental and health and safety standards, the shortest delivery times and the best after sales service. Whatever your budget, whatever your taste we hope you agree with our sentiments that, when it comes to furniture, British is best!

If you'd like to know any more about Corndell furniture please call our showroom on 0161 639 0994.